Al-Haddad condoles Iraqi Christians on the anniversary of Our Lady of Salvation church attack

Deputy Speaker Dr. Bashir al-Haddad offered his heartfelt condolences to Iraqi people and especially the Christian community on the anniversary of Our Lady of Salvation church attack; a crime that reflected the barbarity of the Takfirists who do not differentiate between one religion and another. Al-Haddad stressed that such crimes emerged from the quagmire of terrorism, which spread the messages of fear and corruption. He added: “we emphasize our rejection of all criminal acts that target people, whom Allah has honored, their faith and places of worship”.
The Deputy Speaker extended his condolences to the families of the victims who lost their loved ones in the church and emphasized the importance of respecting the teachings of all religions and enhancing the spirit of coexistence, tolerance and social peace in Iraq.
Deputy Speaker Media Office

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