“We will do our best to help,” said Bashir Haddad in a telephone conversation with Deyaar Rahman.

Deputy Speaker Dr. Bashir al-Hadad called the player Deyaar Rahman to check on his well-being, wishing him a fast recovery. He added, “You have given a lot in the field of sports, especially in the province of Erbil, you will overcome this disease, and we will make every effort to provide the necessary help and assistance so you can go back to the sports field.”
Deyaar Rahman has served in the sports fields for more than 17 years and has played for Erbil and Brusk clubs. He has recently been diagnosed with the rare AHC disease, a disease that affects one in every one million people and has been away from the stadium due to the disease. He is in the stage of treatment and trying to recover to return quickly to the stadiums in Kurdistan and Iraq again. Dr. Haddad confirmed in his contact with Deyaar Rahman that he will seek to contact the relevant authorities in the Kurdistan Regional Government to send the player abroad for treatment.
Deputy Speaker Media Office