Al-Halbusi calls on the government to study effective solutions to the unemployment problem


The Parliament Speaker Mohammed al-Halbusi said, on Tuesday, that Iraq is waiting for graduates of universities and colleges to play an important leadership role in the near future in society to promote the country’s situation, stressing the important role of the students of Nahrain University, especially those who, since its establishment, occupied leadership positions in Education, Politics, Economy and Civil Society.

This came during a speech by H.E. during his attendance at the graduation ceremony of the students of the University of Nahrain for the twenty-fifth session entitled, (Victory and Development).

The Speaker addressed the masses of graduate students, saying: “You are the hope of the future, so achieve this hope with modern awareness that rejects obscurantism, fanaticism and seclusion, and through you to all young Iraqis and specifically social media activists to make these platforms a stage for love and peace away from hate, and racism.”

On the issue of unemployment, he pointed out that the unemployment rate among young people is absolutely unacceptable, adding: “State institutions should embrace the energies of young people, graduates and holders of higher scientific and technical degrees and provide a decent working environment for them.”

Al-Halbusi called on the government to study effective solutions to the problem of unemployment with all seriousness and responsibility in order to provide the appropriate conditions to stimulate these competencies to stabilize, work inside Iraq, find suitable opportunities in the private sector and accelerate the start of the reconstruction project, to absorb hundreds of thousands of our unemployed youth.

He appreciated the efforts of teaching staff at Nahrain University and the other universities in the country to adhere to the values of advanced and modern education according to typical methods that take into consideration the chances of equality.

The   Speaker Media Office
Nov 20, 2018

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