Al-Haddad meets head of Martyrs foundation

Deputy Speaker Dr. Bashir Haddad received in his office the head of Martyrs foundation Ms. Najha Abdul Amir al-Shimmari in the presence of a number of representatives of Kurdish blocs.
At the beginning of the meeting, al-Shimmari congratulated al-Haddad for assuming the post of Deputy Speaker. Then, they discussed means of enhancing cooperation, coordination and communication between the Martyrs Foundation and the Council of Representatives.
“We plan to increase the financial allocations for the Martyrs Foundation within the budget of 2019 to care for the families of the martyrs and meet their needs, because they are an important segment who suffered from marginalization for years, and all relevant departments and institutions should support them and alleviate their daily suffering”, al-Haddad remarked.
Deputy Speaker Media Office

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