Al-Kaabi: We will continue to work on current Law of Lawyers until reaching agreement on an amendment that meets everyone’s ambition

The First Deputy Speaker Mr. Hasan Karim al-Kaabi called on the lawyers in all governorates of Iraq to participate in amending the Law of Lawyers. He also called on academics, civil society organizations, the Supreme Judicial Council, and graduates of faculties of law to engage in the Law amendment to ensure the legislation of a law that meets the aspirations of everyone and does not carry the point of view of one party only.
Al-Kaabi said, during his meeting with representatives of the graduates of the faculty of law in the Constitutional Chamber of the Council of Representatives on Monday December 3, 2018, “the information available to us confirms the presence of more than ten thousand graduates of law schools who are unable to belong to the Bar Association. They represent an important segment that must be taken into consideration.”
It was agreed to unify efforts to hold workshops in all attorney offices, involving academics, lawyers, graduates of faculty of law and judiciary and civil society organizations to discuss the legislative proposal for the amendment of Law of Lawyers and consolidate the proposals and submit them to the parliamentary Legal Committee to include the in the draft law before it is approved, and to bind the Bar Association to continue applying the applicable law and cancel the instructions that contravene it.
The First Deputy Speaker Media Office

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