The Parliament Speaker Mohammed al-Halboosi greeted, on Monday, the Iraqi people on the occasion of New Year’s Day, hoping that the new year will be a year of prosperity and reconstruction.

“I extend my warmest greetings to our noble people, especially the Christian component on the occasion of the New Year’s Day.” Al-Halboosi said.

“I hope that this year will be a year of prosperity and progress towards building the state, and that the Great Allah will blessed us with security and stability after our victory over terrorism by our unity and solidarity, and will protect the Iraqi people in their homeland of all its components and enjoy them with good, peace and well-being, and hope for the return of all displaced people to their homes, to start with reconstruction stage and offer Jobs and decent living for all the people… Happy New Year. ” Al-Halboosi added.

Mohammed al-Halboosi
The Parliament Speaker
Dec 31, 2018