Al- Haddad discusses with the heads and representatives of civil society organizations means to assist IDPs

Deputy Speaker Dr. Bashir al-Haddad received in his office in Erbil the head of the Organization of the Active Reader in Kurdistan Mr. Abubaker Kader and a group of the members of the Organization. During the meeting, they discussed a number of issues and topics related to the educational aspect, and the teaching programs of the organization and means of enhancing cooperation among the Organization and UNICEF and the Ministry of Education to help the displaced persons in the region.
On the other hand, al-Haddad received a delegation of members of the Doz Organization that defends the issues of martyrs and those who were killed in Anfal (genocide) in the city of Chamchamal, headed by Mr. Shwan Medhat. During the meeting, the delegation members briefed al-Haddad on the most important challenges facing the Organization.
Al-Haddad also received the head of the Hand of Mercy Organization for for Development and Relief Dr. Abdul Razzaq Rahim al-Shimmeri.
During his meeting with civil society organizations, he stressed his full support for the organizations and his follow-up to the efforts exerted and his keenness for charitable and humanitarian work.
Deputy Speaker Media Office