Al- Haddad receives the Chairman and members of the Association of Scholars in Iraq

Deputy Speaker Dr. Bashir Haddad received in his office in Baghdad on Wednesday 12/12/2016 a delegation that included Dr. Hamid Abdul Aziz the Chairman of the Association of Scholars in Iraq and a number of the members of the Assembly. During the meeting, they emphasized the need to inculcate the moral values and divine teachings among the members of society, and the important role of religious scholars in supporting security and stability to create a more cohesive and harmonious society.
Al-Haddad highlighted the importance of strengthening the pillars of security and stability, stressing the role of scholars and preachers in achieving and promoting community coexistence, renouncing differences and developing cooperation among institutions to serve the citizens.
The delegation members expressed their appreciation for the role of al-Haddad within the legislative institution and his constant interest in strengthening relations between all segments of society and unifying the national discourse. The Delegation stressed the importance of continued cooperation between religious institutions and legislative and executive authorities to address problems and alleviate the concerns and suffering of the public.
Deputy Speaker Media Office