Deputy Speaker congratulates journalist on Iraqi National Press Day and issuance of oldest newspaper (Al – Zawra) in 1869

Deputy Speaker Dr. Bashir al-Haddad congratulated the press family in Iraq on the Iraqi National Press Day and the issuance of oldest newspaper (Al – Zawra) in 1869.
Al-Haddad remarked, “The Iraqi press has played a prominent role in the political, social and cultural life for decades. Journalists contributed to building society, spreading human concepts, freedom of opinion and keeping pace with events and developments worldwide”.
He pointed to “the need to improve the reporting of journalists according to professional and ethical standards and redouble efforts at this particular stage as Iraq is undergoing a new state of regional and external openness and launching campaigns of reconstruction which require the cooperation of the Fourth Estate”.
“The Council of Representatives appreciates the sacrifices made by Iraqi journalists and supports their efforts and aspirations through legislation and laws to strengthen the national discourse and ensure stability across the country” al-Haddad added.
Deputy Speaker Media Office

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