Al-Haddad: Scholars are as influential as State officials

Deputy Speaker Dr. Bashir al-Haddad received on Monday 1/7/2019 the Kurdish scholar Abdulaziz al-Barzani. The meeting was attended by MPs: Diyar Berwari, Hadar Barzani and Mayada Najjar. During the meeting, they talked about the importance of the role of intellectuals in bringing about the issues of the people and highlighting the magnitude of the suffering and hardships they endure. Al-Haddad added, “Scholars are as influential as politicians. They provide great services to the community”.
At the end of the meeting, al-Haddad awarded Mr. Abdulaziz with the Shield of the Iraqi Council of Representatives for his efforts in presenting Anfal operations and the genocide against the Kurdish people.
Deputy Speaker Media Office

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