The three presidencies are examining the security situation and calling for the investigation of all information about bombings of weapons stores


The Parliament Speaker Mohammed al-Halboosi attended a meeting of the three presidencies held at the “Salam” Palace in Baghdad.

The meeting focused on an extensive discussion on the security situation of the country, especially the bombings of weapons stores during the past few days.

In this regard, it was decided to emphasize the need to investigate and examine all the information obtained by the competent national authorities regarding the recent attacks on the armories.

The meeting affirmed that Iraq continues to abide by what was stated in the document (Unified National Policy on Regional Security Developments), and the importance of strengthening the internal political cohesion and stability on the principle of respect for the sovereignty, security and independence of Iraq and the rejection of the policy of axes and settling accounts and to keep the country of being the starting point for the attack on any of the neighbouring countries and the region.

The meeting expressed the importance of adhering to the position of the Iraqi state with its various executive and legislative institutions rejecting the principle of proxy war, and the attempt of any regional or international party to drag Iraq into war and conflicts that Iraq has resolved its position in favor of Iraq’s pivotal role for peace, development, progress and cooperation among all.

The participants expressed the responsibility of the state and its constitutional institutions in preserving the security, rights and property of Iraqis, as well as agreeing to wait for the results of the ongoing investigation by the competent national authorities to come up with a unified position that preserves the rights of Iraq and enhances its security, independence and sovereignty on its national soil, stressing the importance of the International Coalition to committing to help to preserve Iraqi airspace of any penetration or targeting, and the importance of security and intelligence follow-up carefully to the leftovers of ISIS to miss any opportunity to reappear and to promote victory.

As the participants have highly appreciated the heroic national role played by Iraqi armed forces of its various formations, including the army, the Popular Mobilization, the Federal Police and the Peshmerga in the liberation battles against terrorism and valued their precious sacrifices, they have expressed their appreciation and keen on the Popular Mobilization as an active part of the Iraqi national defence system and affirmed the implementation of the government order about the Popular Mobilization within the scope of the integration of the national defence system.

It was also stressed that any security and military decision or statement in this regard should be entrusted to the Commander-in-Chief of the armed forces only, according to the constitutional contexts, and that all military, security and political bodies and leaders must abide by this.