The three presidencies hold a meeting with a number of Commanders of the Popular Mobilization


The Parliament Speaker Mohammed al-Halboosi attended a meeting on Monday at “Assalam” Palace in Baghdad, included President Barham Salih, Prime Minister Adel Abdul Mahdi, head of the Popular Mobilization Authority Faleh al-Fayyad and a number of Commanders of the Popular Mobilization.

During the meeting, they stressed the importance of the heroic role played by the various Popular Mobilization Forces, along with the rest of armed forces formations, in the battles of liberation to defeat ISIS and terrorism.

It was also stressed that the recent attacks on the Popular Mobilization were partly attempts to draw it and the national defence system into a distraction away of the continuing important role of eliminating ISIS remnants and to eliminate terrorism and its dangers against Iraq, the countries of the region and the world.

These attacks are a blatant act of aggression aimed at Iraq the strong and capable, and Iraq will take, through the government, all active channels and international and regional organizations, all measures that will deter the aggressors and defend Iraq and its security and sovereignty on its territory.

In this context, the attendees stressed the importance of focusing on the primary goal of fighting terrorism, clearing the Iraqi land of its remnants and not to preoccupy with anything that would distract attention of this battle, affirming that the sovereignty of Iraq and the safety of its people is a red line and that the State shall protect them and defend them against any attack, and that requires unity of all Iraqis and the unity of the national position in support of its heroic forces, respect for the rule of law and the emphasis on the authority of state institutions and adhere to everything that enhances this role and preserves the security, peace and stability of Iraq.