Al-Halboosi visits Abu Ghraib District

The Parliament Speaker Mohammed al-Halboosi on Thursday, visited Abu Ghraib district, accompanied by a number of MPs, Interior Minister Dr. Yassin al-Yasiri, Minister of Health Dr. Alaa Abdel-Saheb al-Alwan and Dr. Mustafa al-Hiti President of the Iraq Reconstruction Fund.

H.E. the Speaker held an expanded meeting with local officials in the district and a number of general directors in the ministries of interior and health to identify the most important service needs in all sectors that have direct contact with citizens, and it has been decided to rehabilitate the General Hospital in the district, fill the shortage in the equipment, medicines and Medical devices, put the necessary foundations in the budget of next year to build a new hospital with a capacity that is commensurate with the population density in the district, and the development of medical centers in it.

It was also decided to build a new headquarters for passports and civil unified card, increase police stations and the number of policemen, and the rehabilitation of a number of schools with the help of the reconstruction fund.

During his visit, the Parliament Speaker, accompanied by a number of MPs, the Minister of Interior and the President of the Reconstruction Fund, inspected the General Hospital in Abu Ghraib district, and listened to a presentation by the hospital director and medical staff about the problems and obstacles facing them in providing medical services to citizens, and met a number of citizens in the hospital and listened to their needs and demands.

He also met with the commander of the Sixth Infantry Division and was briefed on the development of the security situation in the district and its townships, and at the headquarters of the division, he met with the sheikhs and notables of Abu Ghraib district, speaking about the efforts of ministries and government institutions to develop and accelerate their procedures in all sectors, and achieve all the needs of the district, calling for unity of the national rank and maintain security and stability.

Media Office
Of the Parliament Speaker
Sep 5, 2019