Al-Halboosi inaugurates the work of the Rafidain Forum for security and economy

The Parliament Speaker Mohammed al-Halboosi inaugurated on Thursday, the ceremony of the Rafidain Forum for Security and Economy, in which a large number of MPs, officials, scientists, researchers and intellectuals from different Arab and foreign countries participate.

H.E. the Speaker said in a speech that Iraq has gone a long way in strengthening security after the victory over ISIS, and is also determined to mature the economic vision in the country from the rentier economy to multi-resource economy, depends on advanced industrial and agricultural plans, as well as working to develop investment opportunities and support investors.

The Speaker affirmed that the Parliament is working to legislate laws that contribute to the provision of a decent life for all Iraqis, and continues to monitor the performance of the government program, provide services, and the development of infrastructure.

He added that Iraq – after a holy war against terrorism – will not be within the axes, but will be a hub in itself, and a campaigner to love and peace, pointing out that the security of the region is a common security, and everyone must work to ward off the danger and defuse the crisis and push away the specter of war.

Media Office
Of the Parl. Speaker
Sep 26, 2019