‏Parliament Speaker visits Diyala province


‏The Parliament Speaker Mohammed al-Halboosi, on Sunday, arrived in Diyala province, as a continuation of his field trips to all Iraqi provinces and cities; to discuss the reality of service, the most prominent obstacles that stand in the provision of services to citizens, the most important lagging and completed projects and to identify the needs of the province.

‏H.E. held an expanded meeting with the chairman and members of the provincial council, the governor and heads of service departments, where he listened to an extensive presentation on service projects in the province and its districts and completion rates in various sectors, including housing, health and education.

‏He urged the federal government to provide the necessary allocations for local governments to be able to perform their duties, stressing on the development of municipal and health services as a cornerstone for the service of citizens, and that the Parliament will continue to facilitate the procedures to complete federal projects of the ministries, especially those related to highways and platforms of weight measurements, which affected the road safety and road accidents, and claimed hundreds of lives.

‏He added that Diyala province is one of the cities that confronted terrorist organizations and that its stability is the stability of Baghdad and all the Iraqi cities as it is one of the important border cities, pointing out the need to concerte all efforts for reconstruction in the districts and townships liberated from ISIS terrorist organization.

‏H.E. the Speaker also visited Diyala Operations Command and held a meeting that included security leaders in the province to discuss the security situation there and the dangers of ISIS terrorist cells in some districts.

‏He said in a speech at a large gathering of tribal elders and notables in the province that the city of Diyala was and still a gateway to Iraq and took many risks, and its sons and young people made great sacrifices to maintain security and stability.

‏H.E. pointed to the financial crisis that has cast a shadow on local governments during the previous years, explaining that the Parliament endeavors to provide financial allocations in the next budget to contribute to the provision of services, security and employment as basic requirements for all governorates, and that the Parliament will exercise its role by standing on the necessary needs and monitor the implementation.

‏He stressed that political stability is the key to the provision of services and reconstruction, and the importance of the consensus of political forces in maintaining the standard of service to its people.

‏He called for full cooperation between citizens and security forces to maintain stability in the province, which will complete with the return of displaced people to their homes, pointing to the suffering of the displaced for the fifth year in the camps, the majority of them women and children, counting on the local government, security forces and tribal elders in the province to work and cooperate clearly to close this file.
‏Media Office
‏Of the Parl. Speaker
‏Sep 29, 2019