Deputy Speaker, Turkmen MPs discuss the constitutional amendments to ensure the rights of all components of the Iraqi people


Dr. Bashir Khalil al-Haddad received on Tuesday in his official office Special parliamentary committee headed by Arshed Al-Salehi and a number of MPs from the Turkmen bloc.

During the meeting, they discussed some important topics, the most significant was the continuation of amendments on the constitutions and consultations and dialogues between the blocs, and using the opinions of experts and specialists in the field of laws and writing constitutions and representatives of trade unions,  institutions and civil society organizations as well as the participation of various segments the society. Al-Haddad stressed the importance of conducting constitutional amendments to ensure the expansion of freedoms and democracy, consolidating the foundations and principles of human rights, achieving social justice and guaranteeing the rights of all Iraqi people. He pointed out that the amendment meets the hopes and aspirations of the public to improve services and provide security, stability, and prosperity.

Deputy Speaker Media Office


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