Al-Halboosi receives the governor of Ninawa

The Parliament Speaker Mohammed al-Halboosi received the new governor of Ninawa, Mr. Najm al-Jubouri.

The speaker said during the meeting that it is time to start working for the stability of Ninawa through the reconstruction and rehabilitation of infrastructure that allows the return of all displaced people to their homes and close the file of displacement.

“Ninawa has a great place in the hearts of Iraqis, and when it was attacked by a ferocious terrorist of ISIS gangs, all the people of Iraq were united to liberate it and the blood of all Iraqi people was mixed to achieve victory.” H.E. said.

He continued, “This city has witnessed a great injustice by the hands of terrorism, which committed the most heinous crimes against all communities, as well as the heritage, history and civilization, and must be redressed by starting a new phase entitled “serving the people of Ninawa,” who are waiting for building and reconstruction to return its monuments like al-Nuri Mosque, Hadbaa Minaret and Prophet Yunus Mosque, pointing out that it is the responsibility of everyone, especially the local and federal governments, and that the House of Representatives will not spare an effort to support the stabilization, by providing the necessary allocations for reconstruction, wishing Mr. Jubouri success in serving Ninawa province.

For his part, Mr. al-Jubouri said that he will exert all his efforts to succeed in his tasks and serve the people of Ninawa and achieve stability to the province.

Media Office
Of the Parl. Speaker
Nov 28, 2019