‏Al-Halboosi visits the Iraqi embassy in the State of Kuwait

‏The Parliament’s Speaker Mohammed al-Halboosi visited the Iraqi embassy in the State of Kuwait on Friday, where he met the Iraqi ambassador, Mr. al-Manhal al-Safi, and the mission’s staff.

‏His Excellency was briefed on the functioning of the embassy and the services provided to the members of the Iraqi community, calling for the importance of making more efforts to provide services, facilities, and overcoming the obstacles facing the community.

‏The Parliament’s Speaker affirmed the importance of the embassy to assume the task of revitalizing the Iraqi-Kuwaiti bilateral relations, and working to convey the positive image of the developments in the situation in Iraq, and all of what contributes to strengthening cooperation between the two countries in all fields in accordance with the higher interests of the country.

‏Media Office
‏Of the Parl. Speaker
‏Sept 18, 2020

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