Al-Haddad, during his meeting with the heads of the Parliamentary committees, reviews the committees’ legislative position and stresses on the evaluation of their work.


His Eminence , the Deputy Speaker of the Iraqi Parliament, Dr. Bashir Khalil Al-Haddad, met today Sunday 9-20-2020 with the heads of the parliamentary committees and in the presence of the Director-General of the Research and Parliamentary Departments and the Committee Secretariat, During the meeting, the legal position of the laws was reviewed, the work of the committees was followed up, the procedures and contexts were discussed to expedite the procedures and compensate for what had been missed, which led to the inability to hold the sessions due to the outbreak of the epidemic and the preventive procedures, His Eminence stressed the need to intensify meetings within the committees and host the ministers and concerned authorities, as well as the importance of activating mechanisms of coordination and cooperation between the joint committees and to speed the implementing draft laws, suggestions and amendments in accordance with the constitutional contexts and the internal system and submitting them to the Presidium of Parliament.

The Deputy Speaker stressed that a formal evaluation of the work of the parliamentary committees and a periodic review of the legislative position and the number of laws prepared for voting and for the first and second reading and the preparation of reports by the competent committees, His Eminence urged the Research Department to provide support and assistance to the MPs to take advantage of the technologies and capabilities of the Internet in the implementation of meetings via closed-circuit television and electronic meetings within the available applications and means.

Al-Haddad listened to the opinions of the Committee Heads and provided them with a detailed explanation of the work of the committees and discussed ways to remove the obstacles that may face the committees and facilitate the tasks and the continuation of support from the Presidium for all the parliamentary committees, develop their work and strengthen their tasks and competence in line with the requirements of the phase and achieve sobriety in legislation and empowerment supervision the performance of institutions Government in general.

Media Office of the Deputy Speaker of Parliament
Sunday 20 September 2020