Al-Haddad is discussing with the Ministry of Finance in the Kurdistan Region the federal budget law for the year 2020 and the financial benefits for the region and all the governorates of Iraq


The Deputy Speaker of the Iraqi Parliament, Dr. Bashir Khalil Al-Haddad, received today, Tuesday, 9/22/2020, in his official office in Baghdad, in the presence of the Secretary-General of the Council, Dr. Sirwan Abdullah Sirini Mrs. Parween Muhammad Nuri, Director General of the Budget at the Ministry of Finance of the Kurdistan Regional Government of Iraq and the financial expert, Abdullah Ramadan Maarouf, During the meeting, which was attended by the financial advisor to the Council of Representatives, Mr. Muhammad Jawad, they discussed a number of files and financial issues between Erbil and Baghdad and the federal budget law for the year 2020, which arrived yesterday to the Presidium of the Council of Representatives.

Al-Haddad, in the context of the conversation, stressed that the continuation of negotiations and the holding of meetings between official delegations coming from the kurdistan region and officials in the federal government achieved a positive atmosphere between them, and relations began to improve at the security, economic, commercial and financial level. His Eminence referred to the importance of strengthening the national spirit and direct cooperation between the two parties and taking into account the financial benefits of the Kurdistan Region and the rest of the governorates of Iraq in the federal budget law for the year 2020 to ensure stability and implementation of service projects throughout the country.

This meeting was completed by an expanded meeting within the Finance Committee to discuss the draft budget law, which is limited to the remaining four months of (September, October, November, and December) of 2020, provided that the law is discussed in detail by the Finance and Legal Committees and the preparation of a report on the budget. In the upcoming meetings.

Media Office of the Deputy Speaker of the Council of Representatives
Tuesday 22 September 2020

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