Al-Haddad: We are continuing to pass laws and legislations for Yazidi female survivors and secure a decent life for them


The Deputy Speaker of the Iraqi Parliament, Dr. Bashir Khalil Al-Haddad, today, Monday 10/5/2020, received at his official office in Erbil a delegation of Yazidi women who have survived from the terrorist organization ISIS, Al-Haddad during the meeting stressed that the Yazidis are among the original components of the Iraqi people, and they paid a heavy price for sacrifices because of their religious affiliation, We in the Council are going to pass legislation and laws for female survivors and victim survivors to compensate them financially and morally, And to work by all means to rehabilitate women survivors, provide full care, reintegrate them into society, and secure a decent life for them, And harnessing the available capabilities and energies to rehabilitate the infrastructure for their regions.

In the context of the conversation with the delegation, His Eminence added: “The mass murder of the Yazidi brothers in Sinjar and in the Nineveh Plains, which was committed by the terrorist organization ISIS, left difficult psychological effects that could not be removed easily from the psyche of any of the victims of these heinous crimes.”

The Deputy Speaker of the Council stated that the Iraqi Council of Representatives is keen and serious in its endeavor to pass laws that will alleviate suffering and bring justice to those affected by all components, The (Yazidi Female Survivors) law draft and the recently submitted (Yezidi Genocide) Law proposal aims to compensate the victims materially, morally and psychologically, Defining the crime against them as genocide, ensuring decent life for them, providing the necessary care, providing safe and adequate housing to accommodate them, and creating job opportunities and educational achievement for the survivors and their children.

Al-Haddad indicated that the House of Representatives completed the first and second reading of the survivors law draft, There are many opinions and ideas to enrich the project from within the Yazidi component, and the law is not voted and approved before taking notes and proposals of the component’s related people.

Media Office of the Deputy Speaker of the Iraqi Parliament
October 5, 2020

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