Al-Haddad heads the meeting of the Committee to observe Government Program Implementation and Strategic Planning  


Today, Tuesday 10/13/2020, Deputy Speaker of the Iraqi Parliament, Dr. Bashir Khalil Al-Haddad headed the meeting of the Committee to observe the Implementation of the Governmental Program and Parliamentary Strategic Planning, in the presence of Deputy Hazem Al-Khalidi, Chairman of the Committee, and the representatives of the committee members, The Minister of Commerce, Dr. Alaa Al-Jubouri, and the advanced cadre in the ministry were hosted ,A number of issues and files related to the ration card and trade agreements between Iraq and the neighboring countries and the world were discussed. As well as the ramifications of the economic crisis due to the Coronavirus pandemic and facing challenges in the coming phase.

Al-Haddad indicated in his speech that the Council of Representatives is following up carefully with all ministries, And through the committee to monitor the implementation of the government program and strategic planning, the mechanisms of implementing the government program and the necessary reforms in state institutions and strengthening the role of service ministries, specially , the Ministry of Commerce has great tasks to support the economy. It must provide the ration card items for citizens and activate the supervisory apparatus in the ministry, Drawing up the general internal and external trade policies of the country and securing the strategic storage of products, foodstuffs and basic commodities for citizens in all governorates.

For his part, the Minister of Commerce reviewed the ministry’s efforts in the current period and the continuation of work in line with the government curriculum and the requirements of the phase to face the economic and health challenges due to the Corona pandemic.

Media Office of the Deputy Speaker of the Council of Representatives
Tuesday 13 October 2020

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