Al-Halboosi receives the National Security Adviser

‏The Parliament’s Speaker Mohammed al-Halboosi received the National Security Adviser, Mr. Qassim al-Araji.
‏The meeting discussed a number of issues related to the security aspect and maintaining stability in the country in general, and the liberated areas in particular.
‏The Speaker of Parliament stressed the importance of the efforts of the concerned state institutions to work together to provide services to citizens in the liberated areas, as well as to speed up the return of the displaced and secure their areas.
‏Al-Araji reviewed the directives of the Commander-in-Chief of the Armed Forces regarding the work of the security services and their procedures in preserving the security of the citizen and the state, affirming that the National Security Advisership has drawn a clear path and realistic vision to strengthen the role of the security services, and provide it with all the reasons for success in its tasks.
‏The meeting ended with the two sides stressing the importance of everyone’s participation in supporting the role of security institutions and enhancing the citizen’s confidence in his security forces, so that they can play their national role with high professionalism.
‏Media Office
‏Of the Parl. Speaker
‏Oct 21, 2020

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