Al-Kaabi: Traffic jams generate psychological pressure on the citizen and confuse security and coordination must be enhanced to end them as soon as possible

Hassan Karim Al-Kaabi, First Deputy Speaker called for direct coordination between the Ministries of Interior, Transport, Mayoralty Of Baghdad and other relevant sides for the purpose of taking urgent measures to end the phenomenon of traffic jams which began to negatively affect the citizen and confuse the security scene in all Iraqi cities.

This came during his meeting in his office today with the Director of General Traffic Major General (Tariq Ismail) in the presence of the Chairman of the Security and Defense Committee Mr. (Muhammad Reda) and a number of PMs and advisors.  He said that the COR paid special attention to the Traffic Directorate because its tasks were directly related to the life of the citizen. He also praised the services and great efforts made by traffic officers who work in difficult weather conditions and long working hours throughout the day and also the measures taken by the new administration to reduce pressure inside cities and to ease the traffic transactions for citizens in morning and evening hours And the adoption of advanced electronic systems.

The first Deputy Speaker called for the preparation of complete data on the causes of jams, their mechanisms, and their treatment, noting that everyone knows that a number of treatments require very simple solutions such as expanding intersections or rehabilitating streets and opening others and moving some economic activities to the vicinity of the capital and other cities.

The First Deputy Speaker Media Office