Appreciating the role of the White Army in reducing coronavirus infections rates, Al-Kaabi calls on the government to grant lands to health staffs.


The First Deputy Speaker Mr. Hassan Karim Al Kaabi appreciated the role of the government and the medical, health, nursing, technical and administrative staff who were on the coronavirus frontline in light of the current economic conditions, reducing rates of coronavirus infections and deaths and the high rates of recovery from this dreaded epidemic, in addition to the ministry’s endeavors and tireless efforts to conclude the necessary contracts to import vaccines, supplies and important medical equipment.

In a statement, Al-Kaabi extended his great thanks to the Iraqi people for cooperation with health staffs by adhering to the medical commandments and directives related to the Coronavirus epidemic, calling for the need to continue to adhere fully to those preventive instructions issued by the higher competent authorities especially the Ministry of Health and to deal cautiously with this epidemic to ensure its decline inside the country reaching zero casualties during the coming period  God willing and the cooperation and efforts of all the people of the same country.

The First deputy speaker renewed his request to the government and other concerned sides to activate the decision of the Supreme Committee for Health and National Safety which is the allocation of residential of lands to the white army staff for their great and essential role in fighting the disease and treating the patients from the beginning of the outbreak of the epidemic until this day

First Deputy Speaker Media Office