Al-Haddad emphasizes the consideration and addressing of the difficult conditions of the displaced, through political will and governmental efforts to close this file, which may lead to security, economic, and social problems if it continues.


‎‏Deputy Speaker of the Iraqi Parliament, Dr. Bashir Khalil Al-Haddad headed the expanded meeting that was held today, Monday 11/1/2021, in the Constitutional Hall, in the presence of the Chairman and members of the Labor, Social Affairs, Immigration, and Displaced Committee, During the meeting, they discussed the issue of the displaced, following up on their living and health conditions in the camps, removing obstacles, facing challenges, and supporting efforts to rebuild liberated cities in preparation for the return of the displaced. In the context of the conversation, Al-Haddad stated: “The difficult conditions of the displaced must be taken into consideration, and we need political will and government efforts to close this file, which delaying may lead to security, economic and social problems.”His Excellency added that the presence of more than a million displaced people distributed in different regions of the country will create demographic change and create new terrorist hotbeds, While the Deputy Speaker of the Council called to speed up the implementation of the provisions of the Sinjar Agreement, which was concluded between the federal government and the Kurdistan Regional Government, And increase the financial allocations in the 2021 budget for the file of the displaced, and invest in cooperation and coordination between the government and the Council of Representatives to harness efforts to return the displaced to their original areas voluntarily and not forcibly and provide them with basic services.

His Eminence listened to a detailed explanation of the works and recommendations of the joint committee that was formed under the direction of the Presidium of the Council from the Labor and Social Affairs Committee, Immigration and Displaced, the Parliamentary Human Rights Committee, and the Ministry of Immigration and Displacement, and after the meeting, a joint press conference was held.

Media Office of the Deputy Speaker of the Iraqi Parliament
Monday 11 January 2021