Al-Kaabi: Kirkuk governorate has great privacy and needs its security and service support



The First Deputy Speaker Mr. Hassan Karim Al Kaabi met in his office today the mayor of Kirkuk, Mr. Rakan Saeed Al-Jubouri, and his accompanying delegation
Al-Kaabi said that the city of Kirkuk has great privacy that differs from the rest of our dear cities, as it is considered a miniature Iraq, including its components that increase its beauty and importance, in addition to being of exceptional economic importance due to the oil it contains as well as the agricultural and industrial wealth in it. Accordingly, it should have priority in terms of financial allocations.
Al-Kaabi listened to the most important problems that the governorate suffers from, and the required treatments, indicating that confronting and solving these problems cannot take place in a short period, but rather requires prior planning and holding meetings with administrative and technical staffs in the governorate and developing a plan for financing through annual budgets.

His Excellency added that the recent situation in the governorate and the activity of some terrorist cells, had negatively affected the nature of life, although everyone believes in the ability of our security forces to follow this file, yet it needs more intelligence effort and coordination with the people of the city.

First Deputy Speaker Media Office

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