Al-Haddad condoles the Iraqi Ministry of Transportation and Airlines on the death of the Iraqi pilot student (Ammar Ibrahim) and thanks to the Greek government for their efforts to find the deceased.

His Eminence, Deputy Speaker of the Iraqi Parliament, Dr. Bashir Khalil Al-Haddad, today, Thursday, 2/4/2021, offered his warmest condolences to the Ministry of Transport and the Iraqi Airways General Company for the death of the trainee pilot student Ammar Ibrahim Al-Obeidi, who died in western Greece after his training trip in an area that was exposed to sudden air turbulence.
Al-Haddad, in a statement, thanked the Greek government for its efforts to provide air, ground and military rescue teams, and in cooperation with the Iraqi rescue team specialized in searching for the Al-Abidi pilot in the Greek Kozani region of the Aknatia Aviation Academy, While the Deputy Speaker of the Council presented condolences and sympathy to the family of the pilot, asking Almighty, to bless the deceased with the fullness of his mercy and to dwell in his spaciousness.
We belong to Allah and to Him we shall return…
Media Office of the Deputy Speaker of the Iraqi Parliament
Thursday 4 February

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