‏Al-Halboosi meets representatives of peasant associations and farmers of Basra

‏The Parliament’s Speaker Mohammed al-Halboosi, on Tuesday received the head of the General Federation of Peasant Associations and a number of representatives of peasants and farmers of Basra Governorate.
‏During the meeting, H.E. the Speaker listened to a comprehensive presentation of the problems and obstacles facing the agricultural reality, including those related to the protection of the local product, farmers’ dues, and the most important legislation that contributes to the advancement of the agricultural sector.
‏With regard to farmers’ dues, the Speaker of Parliament confirmed that the House of Representatives worked to add an item to the budget law considering farmers’ dues as priority expenditures, and required the government and the Ministry of Finance to pay farmers’ previous dues before disbursing any dues and other spending in all state institutions.
‏His Excellency stressed the need to protect the local product, hold agricultural smugglers accountable, and work to coordinate with the security authorities, praising the recent government measures to form a team headed by the National Security Agency and the Directorate of Combating Economic Crime and representatives from the directorates of agriculture and the General Federation of Peasant Associations to follow up and confiscate the smuggled agricultural crops.
‏The meeting also discussed the importance of legislating a law organizing wholesale market’s establishment of selling fruits, vegetables and animals, stressing the support and willingness of Parliament for legislation that contributes to improving the agricultural reality.
‏Media Office
‏Of the Parl. Speaker
‏Feb 9, 2021