Al-Haddad: The March Agreement is a political event, a major historical turning point, and an official recognition of the rights of the Kurdish people.

On the occasion of the fifty-one anniversary of the signing of the March 11, 1970 agreement between the Iraqi government and the leadership of the September Revolution led by Leader Mustafa Barzani, the Deputy Speaker of the Iraqi Parliament, Dr. Bashir Khalil Al-Haddad, recalled with great pride this occasion that resulted from the sacrifices of the people of Kurdistan and their adherence to the struggle to obtain their legitimate rights in To live in freedom and dignity, and to achieve social justice, which prompted the Iraqi government to dialogue and understanding, and to enter into negotiations with the Kurdish leadership during that period.

The Deputy Speaker of the Council, and in this issued statement, added: “The March Agreement is a political event and a major historical turning point and a formal recognition of the rights of the Kurdish people before the eyes of the world and the international community in 1970, this people who fought and fought with all courage and provided pure blood for decades under the slogan: Democracy for Iraq and Governance Of Kurdistan.
On the anniversary of March 11, Al-Haddad called on the Kurdish forces and the national parties to unite their visions to continue negotiations with the federal government and adhere to dialogue and understanding as the only way to find solutions to the problems, disagreements and issues pending between Baghdad and Erbil and to invest the initiative of the Prime Minister Mustafa Al-Kazemi and his call to political forces and opponents of the government to the table of dialogue and empowerment to calm down Situation and stabilization pillars of security and stability throughout the country.

Deputy speaker of the Iraqi Council of Representatives
Friday 12th March 2021