Al-Kaabi strongly condemns the heinous crime in Salah al-Din and promises to hold the perpetrators accountable


The First Deputy Speaker Mr. Hasan Karim al-Kaabi Mr. Hassan Karim Al-Kaabi strongly denounced on Friday, March 12 the heinous crime that was committed against an Iraqi family in the “Albu Dor” area in Tikrit, Salah al-Din Governorate, reiterating his call to the government to implement a thorough security operation to pursue the remnants of ISIS, protect the security of citizens, and to prevent the recurrence of these crimes.

Al-Kaabi called for an urgent investigation into the circumstances surrounding the crime and arresting the perpetrators and bringing them to justice. He also added “the COR will form a special investigative committee to follow up on this horrible crime, and we will follow up on the measures and security plans that will be taken. We will protect the Iraqi people’s lives and will hold the negligent accountable”.

The First Deputy Speaker Media Office