Al-Kaabi: The massacre of “Halabja” is one of the vivid evidence of the brutality of the Ba’ath and the ugliness of dictatorship

On the 33rd anniversary of Halabja massacre, the First Deputy Speaker Mr. Hasan Karim al-Kaabi remembered the victims of the chemical attack on the Iraqi city of Halabja which was bombed by the tyrant Baathist Regime with poisonous chemical weapons and killed thousands of local Kurds. Al-Kaabi remarked that the massacre represented a flagrant violation of human values and was an essential part of the policy of killing, destruction and genocide of the dictatorial regime against Iraqis.

Al-Kaabi stressed that the COR strongly supports the passage of laws that promote social justice and coexistence among Iraqis, calling for honoring the families of the martyrs who were victimized by the former regime and terrorism. Al-Kaabi indicated that all sects and components of the Iraqi society came out even stronger and more independent and coherent after this terrible tragedy, and more determined to reject authoritarianism and the rule of one individual, and they must remain so at all times and circumstances.

The First Deputy Speaker Media Office