Al-Kaabi: Targeting safe areas and people’s livelihood is evidence of the terrorists’ impotence and infidelity

The First Deputy Speaker Mr. Hassan Karim al-Kaabi made a field visit that included the site of the accident in Sadr City and the wounded in the terrorist accident in both the Imam Ali Hospital and the Sadr General Hospital.
Al-Kaabi was accompanied by MP Alaa al-Rubaie, Director of Rusafa Health Directorate, Abdul-Ghani al-Saadi, and the command of the Fourth Brigade, Brigadier General Hisham al-Tamimi. The tour also included a visit to the headquarters of the Fourth Brigade – Federal Police. On the sidelines of his field tour, al-Kaabi said: “The painful strikes that ISIS gangs have received in recent times have increased their helplessness and their confusion, and this is what drives them from time to time to target residential areas and markets and innocent civilians, which is further evidence of their near end, God willing”. He continued: “Terrorism is active on some occasions, especially the month of Ramadan, and here it is the duty of the security services, especially the intelligence services, to redouble their efforts and follow the steps of the cells and dismantle them before they start any operations”.
Al-Kaabi concluded his speech by praying to the Almighty God, to have mercy on the martyrs of Iraq, to make their resting place in paradise, and to grant the wounded a speedy recovery.
The First Deputy Speaker Media Office