Al-Kaabi chairs meeting with the Ministers of Finance and Planning to discuss the Federal Budget of 2021

The First Deputy Speaker of the Iraqi Parliament, Hasan al-Kaabi, said that the proper implementation of the Federal Budget necessarily requires establishing direct channels between the local governments and the Federal government, calling for bypassing the routine to provide the citizens with the best services.
Al-Kaabi chaired earlier today, Monday, an expanded meeting with the Committee of Regions and Governorates, members and rapporteurs of Parliamentary Committees, the Ministers of Finance and Planning, along with high-profile administrators in both Ministries, and the heads of local governments.
Al-Kaabi said, “The purpose of this meeting, and what we achieved in the previous meetings, is to establish a direct channel between the administration of the governorates and the Federal Government through the legislative authority.” He laid emphasis on “bypassing the hurdles, red tape, and previous differences; reducing the time to attain maximum benefit for the citizens by achieving investment and service projects.”
The Deputy Speaker of the Parliament cited the hurdles the local governments will have to cope with in the “very short period left for the implementation of the budget”, “political intervention, different endeavors, and parties yielding from obstructing the progress of these projects or the elections.” “We will not allow repeating the experiences of the past years. We will keep tabs on the implementation of the service projects approved in the budget,” al-Kaabi added.
The meeting discussed the budget provisions, financing provincial projects, funding and expenditures, and the projects’ essential requirements and deadlines.
The First Deputy Speaker Media Office