Al-Haddad painfully recalls the genocidal campaigns against Barzanis and stresses the necessity of preserving the democratic experience after 2003, consolidating the principles of peaceful coexistence and securing the rights of all components.

In a statement issued by him, Deputy Speaker

of the Iraqi Council of Representatives, Dr. Bashir Khalil Al-Haddad, recalled today, Saturday, 7/31/2021, with great pain, the passing of (38) years since the genocidal campaigns that targeted the Barzanis by the buried Baath regime, In the fiercest and most heinous crimes of genocide against humanity, eight thousand Barzanis were buried in the southern desert in mass graves, with the aim of obliterating national identity, destroying villages, as well as the Anfal operations, and the massacres of the former regime against our people in the regions of southern Iraq, Halabja, Balisan, and Bahdinan.

The Deputy of Speaker of the Council, on this painful occasion, offered condolences and sympathy to the families of all the martyrs of Iraq and called on the government to implement the laws of social justice in a fair manner, And the material and moral compensation for those affected, stressing the need for cooperation and solidarity between the parties of the political process and national forces to preserve the democratic experience after 2003, And make more efforts and endeavors to consolidate the principles of peaceful coexistence and tolerance, secure the rights of all components of the people, achieve social justice, impose the rule of law, fight corruption, and prepare the atmosphere for the upcoming elections.

A salute of honor and reverence to the souls of the victims of the Barzanis and all the martyrs of Iraq.

Media Office of the Deputy Speaker of the Iraqi Council of Representatives
Saturday 31 July 2021