Chairman of the committee on strategic planning hosts the Minister of Agriculture

The chairman of the committee on strategic planning Mr. ( Hazim Al-khalediy ) and it member’s received the minister of agriculture and his staff to consider Implementation of the ministerial curriculum in the committee to issue the second evaluation of this current government
also it’s necessary to to review previous contracts for the ministry of agriculture and refuse the suspicious for the competent authorities, in addition to the importance of administrative reform in all the ministry and granting positions based on a periodic evaluation of the qualified and professionals
The committee asked for raising the efforts of agriculture ministry by submitting projects and and developing some activities.
the chaiman of comittee criticized the absence of the federal government’s control over some border crossings which will lead us to loss the efforts of protecting the local product and the end of efforts to achieve food security, calling for the necessity of imposing control over all ports and closing unofficial ones .
The committee also asked the agriculture ministry for taking and urgent action to end fils of bulldozing orchard , agriculture lands to convert them for commercial as well as protecting the Iraqi palm, stressing the need to support veterinary hospitals and protect livestock in the country.

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