Official statement from Chairman of the committee on action regarding the International Day of the Disappeared

The Chairman of the Committee on Labor, Migration and Displacement MP Raad Al-Dahlaki, stressed that the failure to resolve the issue of the disappeared after many years is evidence of the weakness of all previous governments and their subordination to foreign agendas that control the internal scene and the fate of thousands of victims and their families.
Al-Dahlaki said in a press statement, “Iraq, under the International Convention for the Prevention of Enforced Disappearance of 2006, which it signed, and under Law 17 of 2010, defined enforced disappearance as the arrest, disappearance, detention or kidnapping of people without legal grounds, and it is prohibited even in times of war. This matter obliges the federal government to find out the reasons and investigate to find out the fate of the victims and bring the perpetrators to justice.”
In the case of the disappeared victims as long as no solutions were found to reveal their fate, therefore the families of the disappeared and their political representatives just knocked on all doors of the Iraqi Supreme Judicial Council, so the international community and international courts, as they are the people of knowledge, experience and ability to enter all places that could be secret detention centers or cemeteries Collective for those victims to end that page.
Therefore, those involved will be exposed, held accountable internationally, and the victims and their families will be compensated.

Media Directorate