Al-Haddad discusses with the head of the Sunni Endowment Office the strengthening of religious ties and the rapprochement between the components of the people, and the organization of the affairs and management of endowments according to the legitimacy aspects and entitlements.


The Deputy Speaker of the Iraqi Council of Representatives, Dr. Bashir Khalil Al-Haddad, received in his official office in Baghdad today, Tuesday 14/9/2021, the head of the Sunni Endowment Office, Dr. Saad Kambash and his accompanying delegation. During the meeting, they discussed issues related to the importance of strengthening religious ties, preserving faith values and bringing people together in a way that enhances the stability of society and spreads a culture of tolerance and peaceful coexistence.

Al-Haddad, in the context of his speech, praised the efforts of the endowment and its great tasks in taking care of the affairs of Islamic and charitable institutions, developing their work, reviving and preserving Islamic heritage and antiquities, and developing religious discourse in a way that enhances the common faith, consolidates the national spirit and strengthens the social fabric in the country, while His Eminence indicated the need to organize  The affairs and management of endowments and their investment in accordance with the legal aspects and historical and religious entitlements.


Media Office of the Deputy Speaker of Parliament

Tuesday 14 September 2021