Al-Kaabi calls on the Federal Service Council to launch appointment form for holders of higher education degrees

The First Deputy Speaker Mr. Hassan Karim Al-Kaabi called on the presidency and members of the Federal Service Council to launch the appointment form related to holders of higher degrees and the top students of universities and colleges to complete the requirements of the appointment procedures and deal with the data contained therein according to major and certificate.
Al-Kaabi met today with a number of representatives of the holders of higher degrees, in the presence of a member of the Parliamentary Committee on Health Jawad Al-Moussawi, MP Jawad Al-Saadi, the legal advisor to the Council, Muhammad Youssef, and the Director-General of the Parliamentary Development Department, Saad Fayyad.
Al-Kaabi called on the Ministry of Finance to expedite the implementation of the provisions of the budget and to activate a number of his previous official letters related to providing the necessary allocations to appoint holders of higher and first degrees, as they are obligatory to implement, and to certify the job grades received from all ministries and institutions concerned with regard to their appointment.
The First Deputy Speaker Media Office