Al-Kaabi praises the employees of the Council of Representatives and calls upon them to uphold the prestige of the legislative institution

The First Deputy Speaker Mr. Hassan Karim al-Kaabi held a meeting on Thursday, July 10, 2021 to pay tribute to the cadres of the Council of Representatives on the end of the fourth legislative session. At the beginning of the meeting, al- Kaabi welcomed the presence of Dr. Sirwan Abdullah Sereni, Secretary of the Council of Representatives, as well as consultants, general managers and their assistants, stressing their unremitting efforts for everything that is in the interest of the legislature and the people.

Al-Kaabi praised the fact that administrative cadres and council staff were not affected by political pressure when performing their duties, and pointed out that this is a big family, which is still and will continue to be the focus of respect and appreciation. He also praised the parliamentary protection regiment for   protecting the     parliament in a professional and effective manner. In turn, the consultants, general managers and their assistants highly appreciated the efforts of the First Deputy Speaker and his huge and active role in activating the Council of Representatives’ supervisory and legislative role, and wished him success in the next phase.

At the end of the meeting, Al Kaabi granted certificates of appreciation to the attendees.

The First Deputy Speaker Media Office