Al-Haddad discusses with the Ministry of Municipalities and Tourism in the Kurdistan Region compensation of those affected by the fire at the commercial market, and the recent events of flood and torrential rains in villages and areas.

Deputy Speaker Dr. Bashir al-Haddad, accompanied by MP Nehru Qadir, visited the headquarters of the Ministry of Municipalities and Tourism in the Kurdistan Regional Government in Erbil who were received by Mrs. Nawrouz Mouloud. They discussed compensation and providing assistance to the families affected by the fire which destroyed 1800 shops and the floods and torrential rains in Juman, Rawanduz and other areas.
Al-Haddad stressed the importance of providing the best services to all citizens in the region. He also briefed the Minister on the immediate measures taken by the Ministry of Municipalities and Tourism and related departments, stressing the need to complete the maintenance and rehabilitation of the market and the reconstruction of shops with new modern designs and installing modern firefighting systems in the future. He stressed the importance of following up the affairs of citizens and alleviating their suffering, and demanded compensation to those affected within the emergency budget of the federal government.
On her part, Mouloud expressed her happiness for this visit by the Presidency of the Iraqi Parliament and the discussion of vital issues concerning the lives of citizens in general and the follow-up of Dr. Haddad and his direct attention to the concerns and suffering of people. At the end of the meeting the two sides held a joint press conference to clarify the details and content of this meeting.
Deputy Speaker Media Office

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