Al-Kaabi meets Members of Association of Martyrs’ Families

The First Deputy Speaker Mr. Hassan Karim Al-Kaabi said that he adopted in coordination with the parliamentary committees and related parties an effective strategy that included many programs and mechanisms to activate all laws related to the families of the martyrs who were the victims of the former regime and of terrorism.
This came during the symposium that was held in the Council of Representatives on Saturday November 24, 2018 under the auspices of Al-Kaabi, and attended by a number of MPs and members of the Association of Martyrs’ Families and representatives of the families of the victims of terrorism and popular mobilization to discuss the reasons for non-activation of laws concerning the rights of the martyrs.
Al-Kaabi said that “the families of the martyrs suffered a great injustice due to the injustice inflicted on them by the former regime and once again by being deprived of their rights, noting that the number of those who got their rights did not exceed the 16 thousand families out of 60 thousand families for the martyrs of the former regime add to them martyrs of terrorism and popular crowd”.
The First Deputy Speaker Media Office

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