Al-Kaabi: COR proceeds to implement transitional justice laws and grant full rights to the families of martyrs and prisoners


The First Deputy Speaker Mr. Hassan Karim al-Kaabi stressed that the Council works vigorously to implement transitional justice laws that prevent the return of repressive and dictatorial practices, vowing to return full rights to the families of martyrs and prisoners who contributed to overthrow the tyrannical regime, and eliminate ISIS.

This came during his speech that was delivered on Monday December 24 in the opening of an exhibition of photographs and sculptures that immortalized the sacrifices of the martyrs of Iraq and their achievements, which was organized by the institutions of the Martyrs and Political Prisoners in cooperation with the Parliamentary Committee of Martyrs and Political Prisoners, in the Council of Representatives and under the auspices of its presidency, coinciding with the anniversary of the execution of the tyrant and the day of national sovereignty.

“The establishment of this exhibition every year inside “ People’s House” stands as a tribute to those who offered their lives, money and families in order to lift injustice and oppression for all the oppressed and expel the terrorist gangs from the land of the prophets”, al-Kaabi added.

The First Deputy Speaker Media Office