Al-Halboosi congratulates Christians on Christmas

The Parliament Speaker Mohammed al-Halboosi congratulated, on Tuesday, the Christians in Iraq and the world on the occasion of Christmas and the New Year, wishing them and all Iraqis a new year full of good and peace.

“I extend my sincere congratulations to the Christian brothers in Iraq and the world on the occasion of the birth of Jesus Christ and the New Year. We hope that they will enjoy stability and a decent life in a secure Iraq with unity and harmony among all its sects and components and that the new year will be full of good and peace,” al-Halboosi said.

“This Christmas is different, coinciding with the first anniversary of victory and the liberation of the country from Da’ish terrorists, and on this occasion we can only adhere to our unity in promoting common peaceful coexistence between all the spectrums and components of the Iraqi people, thus there is no homeland without its sons… Every year Iraq is fine by you,” al-Halboosi added.

Mohammed al-Halboosi
Speaker of the Parliament
Dec 25, 2018