Al-Haddad participates in 4th Lalish Conference for peace and coexistence in Erbil

The Deputy Speaker Dr. Bashir al-Haddad participated in the 4th Lalish Conference for peace and coexistence in Erbil under the slogan: “Reconstruction in Post-ISIS Era” attended by a number of officials and political and cultural figures.
Al-Haddad pointed out, “Iraq is on the threshold of a new phase and is witnessing in general a range of political and security transformations and the adoption of legislations. There is a real and common vision for national forces and political leaders to unify positions and create the appropriate atmosphere to deal with the problems and crises that have plagued the country in the past years”. “We in the Iraqi Council of Representatives are determined to proceed with passing laws that will support the national project, in order to secure full citizenship rights, end all forms of discrimination, strengthen the spirit of tolerance and peaceful coexistence among all components of the Iraqi people”, al-Haddad added.
Deputy Speaker Media Office

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