Under the supervision of al-Haddad, Committee of Martyrs and Political Prisoners elects Chairman

Deputy Speaker Dr. Bashir al-Haddad chaired a meeting of the Committee of Martyrs and Political Prisoners on Tuesday 11/6/2019. Al-Haddad supervised the election process of the committee Chairmanship in the presence of the members of the committee. The election resulted in electing MP Abdul-Ilah al-Na’ili as Chairman of the committee, MP Hadar Barzani as Deputy Chairman and MP Salma Omar as Rapporteur of the Committee.
Al-Haddad stressed the important role that the committee plays, in cooperation with the concerned institutions, in guaranteeing compensation to the families of martyrs and those injured due to oppressive practices of the former regime, and in raising their living standards in a ways that commensurate with the magnitude of their sacrifices.
At the end of the meeting, al-Haddad wished the Chairmanship of the committee success in carrying out their tasks.
Deputy Speaker Media office