Al-Halboosi receives US Assistant Secretary of State for Near Eastern Affairs


The Parliament Speaker Mohammed al-Halboosi received on Wednesday US Assistant Secretary of State for Near Eastern Affairs Mr. David Schenker.

During the meeting, they discussed bilateral relations and cooperation in the economic and security fields.

H.E. asserted the importance of opening investment for international and local companies and activating the private sector to offer job opportunities for youth and eliminate unemployment as well as combating corruption.

The two sides discussed the political developments in the country, the file of the demonstrations, the most prominent demands of the demonstrators and ways to address them, in addition to discussing the package of decisions and reforms issued by the Parliament and the Ministers Council to meet their demands, and emphasizing the importance of peaceful demonstrations, the protection of demonstrators, freedom of expression, non-aggression on demonstrators and security forces and prevent infiltrators of making a gap between them.

They also discussed the latest international and regional developments, their impact on Iraq and the region, and cooperation to achieve stability.

For his part, US Assistant Secretary of State assured his country’s cooperation with Iraq in the fight against terrorism, the pursuit of terrorist cells and support the Iraqi government in the file of reforms.

Media Office
Of the Parl. Speaker
Oct 16, 2019