The Parliament continues discussing the election law


The Parliament Speaker Mohammed al-Halboosi held an expanded meeting included his two deputies, heads of political blocs, experts with the participation of the Deputy Representative of the Secretary-General of the United Nations in Iraq and the electoral assistance team of the UN, in a series of meetings to discuss the ongoing law of the Iraqi Council of Representatives.

H.E. the Speaker said, “We are keen to complete an election law that meets the aspirations of the Iraqi people, expands the circle of participation and rebuilds confidence for voters,” noting that the participation of Iraqi and international experts from the United Nations reflects the keenness of the House of Representatives to achieve a fair electoral system and meet the technical conditions at the level of all options, stressing that these discussions will lead to a political decision consistent with the new phase in Iraq and the demands of the demonstrators.

The participants in the meeting reviewed the failures of the electoral process in the past years, stressing the need to update the voter register according to the presence of the population throughout Iraq.

The United Nations electoral assistance team gave a presentation on the types of electoral systems in the world, indicating the need for specialty in some cities and mixed districts and with regard to the displaced, expressing their readiness for technical assistance and increase the number of experts.

The expanded meeting also hosted technical staff from the Independent Electoral Commission, where they gave a presentation on the available technical capabilities and the requirements of the new electoral system of technical support and preparations related to the electoral process, starting from census to updating data and voter registration.

Media Office
Of the Parl. Speaker
Dec 3, 2019