Al-Kaabi: Cutting the salaries of the Ministry of Water Resources’ employees is an abuse of power and clear violation for government decisions

The First Deputy Speaker Mr. Hassan Karim Al-Kaabi urged the Minister of Water Resources and Director General of the Finance and Administration Department in the Ministry to reconsider the decision to withhold the salaries for services rendered by regular employees of the bodies, companies, and departments affiliated to the Ministry.
Al-Kaabi stressed that the Minister’s decision to cut the employees’ allocations and only pay those continuing the daily work is a blatant violation of the government’s decision to reduce the number of employees to 25 percent؜; therefore ministries and state institutions are bound by this decision.
He called on the Council of Ministers to issue a decision requiring not to deduct the employees’ salaries in all Ministries in accordance with the laws in force and in compliance with government decisions during the current circumstance.
The First Deputy Speaker Media Office