Al-Kaabi calls on the Ministry of Finance to pay the financial dues of the Martyrs Foundation as stipulated in the Federal Budget Law of 2021

The First Deputy Speaker Mr. Hassan Karim al-Kaabi received in his office today, Tuesday 4 May 2021, the Chairman of the Martyrs Foundation Mr. Abdul-Ilah Al-Naeli.
During the meeting, they discussed the key challenges that face the Foundation and hinder its work with the ministries, governorates, and the Real Estate Department. Al-Kaabi called on the Ministry of Finance to pay the financial allocations of the Martyrs Foundation mounting to 50 billion ID, originally intended as grants and subventions for martyrs’ families in the Federal Budget Law for 2021.
For his part, Mr. Al Kaabi addressed the Ministry of Finance / Accounting Department to accelerate paying the Martyrs Foundation’s allocations, which is pretty much less than they really deserve, especially as it takes care of a large segment of the Iraqi population who suffered tremendously at the hands of the bloody Baath Party.
The First Deputy Speaker Media Office